Project Parts List

This is MY parts list.  It is not necessarily complete and is for reference only. Your’s WILL vary. The items on my list are not the only way to do this swap. With lots of reading and study, these have what I have chosen to use. I also show the approximate cost of these items when I purchased them.

I made this list for my use as I went along to compare parts, prices and vendors.  Not all of the parts I used are listed here and I did not necessarily use all of the parts listed.


Part Name
Part #, Brand or Vendor
Approx Price
AC BracketICT Billet 551494X-3115
AC Compressor Sanden 508 (57580)100
AC Condenser 1979 CutlassAPDI/PRO 701401366.89
AC AccumulatorFour Seasons 3317631.78
AC Evap CoreFour Seasons 5127767.79
Alumi Blast Paint x2SEY-16-0557.97
camshaft sensorEbay special10.98
coil wires for 19005218Ebay special20.8
coils set Ebay special82.5
coolant bypass gaskets Dorman 563904.58
Crankshaft Adapter Sleeve ICT Billet 55116524.99
crankshaft sensorOEM0
electric cooling fan1998 Concorde
engine mount bolts each x2 Dorman 811013.99
Engine mounts (rubber)Anchor industries 22924.97
Engine swap mounts adjustable 1" set back platesLSX Innovations28.95
Exhaust Manifolds - cast ironSummit G9080199.99
Flywheel OEMOEM Truck30
Front bearing seals11
Front bearings - inner/outer43
Fuel FilterMotorcraft FG-986B ACDelco GF832 Champ G6593
Fuel injector orings for flex fuel Ebay special15.99
fuse block x2Dorman 856686.88
gbody slotted rotors w/pads82
GM TH400/350 Crossshaft shifter linkage grommet/bushing5.56
head bolts MAHLE GS33380 x215.91
head gaskets Mahle GM 1249854438.66
intake gasketsebay special14.5
Lower radiator hoseGates 20734
MAF AF10043 or 2516849123.99
OEM replacement radiator SPECTRA PREMIUM CU16297.3
oil pan dipstick 1255158115.04
oil pan dipstick tube 125515779.74
oil pan FBODY pan 5.62" deep12628771 (SPECTRA PREMIUM GMP77A)173.33
oil pan gasket - included on pan12612350
oil pan oil pickup tube 1255825138.74
oil pan windage tray 1255825320.46
Oil pressure sensor PS308T0
Oxygen SensorAC Delco 213-1702
power steering hose return Gates14.49
power steering pressure hose w/ac Gates 35484017.99
push rods MELLING MPR6141.99
radiator support mountsEnergy Suspension 9.4101G25.21
relay socket x4 ebay/amazon3.24
Serpentine belt1143K6
Spark Plugs ACDelco 41-1105.46
Speedometer Sending Units Dakota Digital SEN-01-128.45
Steering gear box - 2 1/2 turn lock to lockCardone 27-6550
steering shaft1994 Jeep Cherokee .
TCC brake switch AIRTEX/WELLS 4C2 or AIRTEX/WELLS 1S52390
thermostatgates 3391012.91
timing cover gasket ENGINETECH TCG293A11.66
Transmission mount Anchor 236010.99
Upper hose Dayco E7198916.49
Valley gasket FEL-PRO MS9246516.13
valve cover gasket pair FEL-PRO VS50504R116.86
water pump gasket setFEL-PRO ES730103.1
Water temp sensor (ECT) GM # 1255170819.81
oil filter M22x150Wix 575028.99
front door weatherstripSoffseal #5036
rear door weatherstripSoffseal #5038
Weatherstrip glue3M #08008
CarpetACC 2334162 (2334-162-1071000000) Med. Doeskin157.79
Floor matsACC 9244160 (9244-160-1071000000) 7295 Med. Doeskin65.79




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  1. Hi and that is a really nice wagon!

    Do you have the part nr. for the pitman arm you used for the Cardone 27-6550 steering gear?

    I’m living in Norway and just don’t want to order the wrong parts if possible…..


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