Automotive Custom Carpet (ACC).  is the premier manufacturer of molded automotive replacement carpet.  in fact, Automotive Custom Carpet (ACC).  is the only manufacturer of molded automotive replacement carpet.  They also recently acquired the automotive carpet division of Trim Parts, Inc.  No matter where you purchase it, it is drop shipped from ACC.  Every time I check, rockauto.com has the best prices (including shipping), but I highly suggest you shop the prices.  Seems to be most expensive buying directly from ACC.

There some exceptions for some specialty vehicles like some Jeeps, etc.

I see the question of carpet for your rides in EVERY Facebook auto group, and often.  Sometimes two-three times per week.  My answer is “All molded automotive replacement carpet is manufactured by ACC, no matter where you purchase it” and it’s all “drop-shipped” from ACC as well, again, there are a few exception for specialty vehicles.

You may find other kits, but they are sewn and not molded and they will not fit as good as molded carpet.

From ACC, you have the option of “mass-backing” on most models for additional cost.  This is an acoustic noise barrier consisting of Jute Padding laminated with a thin layer of Asphaltic Mastic. making for great sound deadening.  I believe it makes the carpet lay better also.  You have a choice of several different materials (loop, cut pile, vinyl, etc.).  You can get color samples directly from ACC to assist you in best matching or otherwise choosing the color best for your project.

You also have the option of Cutpile (original material) or Essex (their more plush material).  See the ACC website for full description between these two options, but their image here is an example.

ACC also manufactures floor mats custom cut/shaped for your vehicle.  While they are a little pricey for what you get, they are quite nice and will match your carpet exactly because they are made from the same materials.


For the G body wagons, you will need the Malibu 4-door carpet. Part number 2334162.

I purchased ACC 2334162 and ACC 9244160 For the floor mats.  Each in 7295 Med. Doeskin.


After MUCH online shopping, I have found that rockauto.com usually has the best total price (including shipping) on ACC carpet.

ACC model number 2334162-801 Black. 1978-1981 Chevrolet Malibu 4DR Cutpile


You will find manufactures of the partial rear cargo area carpet also, but I got no clear answers from some so I decided I would make my own for much less money, even though it was not an exact match.

I say partial because we have found none other than original that include the carpet that attaches to the seat-back.

I purchased a residential area rug large enough and of a color that I thought looked good with my stock interior.

Cleaned and painted rear floor.

I cleaned and painted the rear cargo area metal and created a template from paper to transfer to the  area rug to cut to size.  I did not include the seat-back carpet as I had no way to attach it anyway.


Paper template for rear cargo carpet.
Finished cargo carpet installed.

I was not able to sew it, so I used fabric hot glue to glue the binding from the area rug back onto the fitted carpet.