Gbody Electrical

Not much to be said here as I only slightly modified the factory body wiring.  I made some wiring changes and tapped into factory wiring for gauges and remote starter.  I removed a few wires that were not needed for under the hood in my conversion.

A very important resource for factory A and G body wiring is at

In GMs, all Pink wires are ignition hot. Orange wires are battery-fused. Red wires are battery-no fuse (or maybe a fusible link, depends upon location and service).

Instrument panel connection C183 is the connector that attaches to the printed circuit on the back of gauge panel.

C183 connector for sweep dash cluster. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.


The connection at firewall is the C100 connector.

Firewall C100 connector diagram. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.


Electrical wiring photos include standalone harness and body electrical – Reference photos with descriptions
…arranged newest to oldest…

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