Original sweep dash gauge cluster. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

My wagon had the factory “sweep” dash configuration.  As I researched a digital replacement for it, I was not able to find any kit that was pre-made and complete with the six gauges I desired.  I opted for the Intellitronix Create-a-dash so I could layout the gauges as I wanted and have a fully functioning dash.

Since the install, I have found at least one company who creates the bolt-in gauge kit for a sweep dash replacement.  While New Vintage USAs cluster is very nice looking, it has mixed reviews, and is quite pricey.  If I did not have functioning gauges currently, I would be more likely to purchase and install this kit.

Intellitronix gauge cluster. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

As for the Intellitronix gauges, I have had trouble from the start with the cooling temperature gauge.  The sender continually failed.  I don’t know why.  Intellitronix does not know why.  I gave up after replacing 5 senders and the gauge.  The sender works as a resistor to send a ground signal to the gauge. The resistance of the sending unit itself was changing.  After minimal usage, it would start to fail and become higher resistance (or lower, I can’t recall now) until the gauge would barely read or not read at all.  Recently, one of the LED segments in the speedometer readout has quit working.

I purchased a cheap ECT gauge from Ebay, but never installed it.  I still may at some point.  However, I can monitor the temperature via the ODBII.

I won’t bore you with the install details because each install will be different.  The following pics give you some idea about my install process.

New cheap Temp gauge temporarily installed. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

***UPDATE 7/10/19:  I temporarily installed the new cheap Ebay gauge (very nice gauge for <$15), including it’s sender.  I will run this for a few weeks to see how it goes, then if it seems to work well enough, I will replace the gauge completely with this one.  Once I removed the bad sender, I checked the resistance again.  Nothing.  No reading whatsoever.


Problem Temperature and Speedo. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

***UPDATE 12/3/19: Temporary gauge is still working.  I have not incorporated it into the cluster yet as I will do that when remove the speedo for return and repair.  No reason to take the cluster out multiple times if not necessary.  The Intellitronix Temperature gauge has now stopped working completely.  It doesn’t even light up any longer.  The speedo return will have to be soon.  I keep losing more and more LED segments.  What speed am I going?


Temperature and Speedo repaired and reinstalled. Click to enlarge – use browser back button to return.

***UPDATE 2/22/20:   I returned the gauges for repair.   Turn-around time was a bout 10-14 days total.  It does appear that the gauges were repaired, not just replaced.  Reinstall went fairly well.  It’s good to have complete working gauges back .  We’ll see how long the temperature gauge lasts this time.  In the past it’s only worked about 3 days before starting to go bad.  I did add another ground wire directly to the block from common gauge ground under dash per Intellitronix request.  Though the ground metered fine before, I did this so they would not have a reason to deny any future warranty claim.

***UPDATE 2/10/21:   Well, the repaired gauges continue to work…  Now the oil pressure gauge is losing LED segments.  I am returning it to Intellitronix for repair.

***UPDATE 3/6/21:  Oil pressure gauge repaired, returned, reinstalled, working.

Oil pressure gauge LEDs failing.

***UPDATE 3/23/21:  Well, there go the fuel gauge LEDs.

Fuel gauge LEDs failing

***UPDATE 9-13-21.  Another LED joins the missing.  Previously repaired Speedometer LED is now going out again.  Maybe I’ll send this back for repair again this winter.  Maybe not.

Previously repaired speedo LEDs going out again.


Intellitronix gauge cluster install – Reference photos with descriptions
…arranged oldest to newest…

These are photos I took for my reference for several reasons.  Several are duplicates.

Please note that you can click on the pics for a larger view, but must use your browser “Back” button to return to the page to continue.

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